I design between digital & physical.

Digital Experience Designer at Ford Motor Company in Cologne.
Founder of MonkeyBots.io funded by DesignFarm, Berlin & the European Union.

Hybrid Interfaces

Touchscreens are everywhere & they all feel the same.
Not this one. This one feels waaay different.

see my bachelor thesis

IoT MiniBots

IoT MiniBots is a platform of tiny home robotics that takes your important digital things out of your smartphone and brings them into the real world.

make data move

Interlaced Networks

What happend to my news feed?

The Web 2.0 lets users find content they agree with & then nudges users to find more extreme content based on their past searches.

Madness by Design

We must realize, that the structures and interfaces of social media are not god-given, but the first versions of a new service, constructed by other people.

Ruling how and with whom we can express ourselves.
Constructed systems, prone to be gamed by bad actors.

Politics is downstream from culture
& social media is changing culture.

Radius uses the Wifi-Hotspot of smartphones to send content  directly to all other phones within reach.

The conceptual image-board Radius does three things:

  1. Radius sends content to phones within reach
  2. Radius saves received content on your device
  3. Radius lets you sort through received content

This keeps total anonymity and only connects users that are close enough to potentially meet in real life.

The curation interface uses swipe gestures like Tinder (dating App).
The stack of received content is sorted by how fresh and viral it is.

Summer 2016

Four months Semester Project
Weissensee School of Art and Design, Berlin

Prof. Nils Krüger

Supported by BMW Group

Based on Network Topologies
Workshop by Jochen Maria Weber
& Thomek Ness  

p2p Mesh

‍Individuals exchange information with others directly.

Hub & Spoke

Individuals exchange information over one central node,
where access to information can easily be limited.

Full Picture

Full access to information makes it easy to see the big picture,
even if there are outlier narratives.

Conspiracy Theories

Restricted information makes it easy to draw false conclusions
by connecting outliers with selected information.

Mesh Network

Individuals exchange information over one central node,
where access to information can easily be limited.

Left or Right Swipe?

The main interaction is swiping displayed content.
This binary curation decides which content will be spread further.

Skill: User Research

Industrial Design Project about Gas Masks for Dräger Safety,
turned into a User Research & Testing Deep Dive.

see what I have learned

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