I design between digital & physical.

Digital Experience Designer at Ford Motor Company in Cologne.
Founder of MonkeyBots.io funded by DesignFarm, Berlin & the European Union.

Hybrid Interfaces

Touchscreens are everywhere & they all feel the same.
Not this one. This one feels waaay different.

see my bachelor thesis

IoT MiniBots

Let's get physical

Internet of Things MiniBots are small robots that manipulate ordinary objects by pushing, pulling or rotating them.

The movements are initiated by events on your smartphone. This helps  you to spend less time looking at screens by bringing your most valuable digital events into the physical world.

Life is more than screens

Our species has evolved to understand  the physical world intuitively.
Todays low cost electronics  allows us to move closer to ubiquitous computing, where we can locate information and notifications in the physical world without having to resort back to screens for every interaction.

Summer 2017

Four months semester-project
Group Effort with Mo Moradi
Weissensee School of Art and Design, Berlin

Body Language of Machines
By Prof. Carola Zwick

Supported by eLab Weissensee

Interlaced Networks

The Architecture of Systems is as important as their Interface.
A Project about Network Topologies resulting in a new Social Media App.

why system architecture matters

Skill: User Research

Industrial Design Project about Gas Masks for Dräger Safety,
turned into a User Research & Testing Deep Dive.

see what I have learned

Friends say I am better in person.

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