I design between digital & physical.

Digital Experience Designer at Ford Motor Company in Cologne.
Founder of MonkeyBots.io funded by DesignFarm, Berlin & the European Union.

Hybrid Interfaces

Touchscreens are everywhere & they all feel the same.
Not this one. This one feels waaay different.

see my bachelor thesis

IoT MiniBots

IoT MiniBots is a platform of tiny home robotics that takes your important digital things out of your smartphone and brings them into the real world.

make data move

Interlaced Networks

The Architecture of Systems is as important as their Interface.
A Project about Network Topologies resulting in a new Social Media App.

why system architecture matters

User Research

Tiny, tiny Gas Masks & the State of Panic

In this Industrial Design Project I focussed on User Research & Testing.

Escape Filter Masks are the smallest kind of gas masks on the market.
They are carried by workers in the petrol-chemical industries & laboratories to be used in case of an emergency.

< 1% of Emergency Masks are ever used.
100% of users are fearing for their life.

Users in Panic

Even with good training, the main danger is stress-related mistakes.

All tested Masks were hard to unpack and handle with workers gloves.
Some Masks may dangle and fall out, others did not fit female or African faces or could not be used with facial hair.

Distilling User Research
into a Conceptual Filter Mask

Instead of leaving the company with a research .pdf, I designed a mask to showcase cheap & easy solutions, that could each be incorporated into their existing product line.

Winter 2016/17

Four months Semester Project
Weissensee School of Art and Design, Berlin

Prof. Nils Krüger

Supported by Dräger Safety Division

Pain-Points with existing Masks

Snorkel Masks may dangle and fall out

both masks take to long to put on

Half Mask may leak on some faces

My Solutions

  1. wide comfortable straps
  2. round, soft Nose-Clip easy to use with one Hand
  3. Split Filters attach evenly to the face
  4. Horse Shoe Filter to reduce Drag while breathing

Big Gloves need Big Buckles

Friends say I am better in person.

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