To print as much as possible
we optimized the design for fast printing.


Started supplying German Red Cross
Started testing with Charité Berlin
Featured in German taz Newspaper
End of the project: by June the availability of commercial PPE had picked up again


The Berlin-Visor is a protective face shield made on a 3D printer. This design has the advantage that the transparent film is clamped, reducing assembly complexity. The visor was supplied to the German Red Cross during the early months of Covid and also tested for emergency use at the Charité Berlin intensive care units.
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Berlin Visor

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Industrial Design


CGI by Mattis Obermann

Easy Assembly

Assembly Video

See how the visor clamps onto the protective shield foil.

Berlin vs. Prague

Full Concept

30 second read

25 mins to print – comfortable for hours.

Designed to be printed as fast as possible due to its robust design.

Our Design has a wider headband and clamps in the protective shield foil instead of attaching to the foil with buttons.
This allows us to ship the foil directly without any extra steps to create button holes.

We are very proud that this Design has gotten approved for testing by the Charité Hospital Berlin and was field-tested in one of their intensive-care units.
Ear-Savers for medical workers talking to medical workers on the frontlines of the Pandemic we noticed that the back of their ears had chafed from wearing masks for long hours.

My Ear-Savers hook onto the mask strings and take the pressure off the ears. Designed to be printed in huge stacks allowing each machine to produce over 50 pieces per night. Keeping the ears of health-workers safe.
Design & Organisation
Georg Kloeck
Maximilian Blazek

Organisational Support
Daniel Skiebe

Jörg Hugo
Björn Bernt

Mattis Obermann

Prof. Carola Zwick