When whole nuts are more expensive,
you are paying for the joy of cracking them open.


First assignment at weißensee, School of Art and Design
Featured on Designboom & other Design blogs
Permanent Exhibition in G9 Studio Berlin


In supermarkets, whole nuts are more expensive than peeled ones. The consumer nutcracker is therefore not a tool of efficiency but an object of joy. This design maximizes joy.
Concept poster (2013)
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Sometimes more is more.
Nut Cracker

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How It Works

Not Pulverizing the Nut

Air pocket + just enough space.
Supermarket walnuts are surprisingly homogenous,
so this works for over 95% of walnuts we tested.

Interaction via Material

Precision in Brutality

By by adding needle bearings, we removed most friction from the pendulum joint, this highlights the hammer's weight and potential kinetic energy.

Concept Poster (2013)