Hybrid Interfaces

shown at BMW Group FIZ in Munich
shown online & offline in weißensee, School of Art and Design Berlin
I wrote my thesis with support of BMW Group.
Hybrid Interfaces adds a physical anchor and a new quality of eyes-off interactions to touch-screens.
Without additional electronics the Haptical functions just like finger-movement.

First thesis topic suggested by the student
– not given by BMW Group.

To communicate concept and approach, this video was done with the help of my friend Andy King. Watch with sound for full experience.

60 Second Video

When Touchscreens are amazing

When touchscreens fall short

Hapticals allow drivers to keep their eyes on the road when interacting with the touchscreen.

Use Case: Cockpit

Color Coding

Translucent plastics guide the light to the Haptical's top edge, with color depending on the type of media active. Easily glacible with peripheral vision.
This exploration was advised against as any movable part will turn into a projectile in the event of a crash.

Movable Hapticals

Digital Haptics

Code-able latching points
The experience of latching points is no longer a machanical artefact but designed uniquely to fit content
active haptic feedback helps differentiate
between  functions mapped to the same Haptical
3D printed and tested over 100 prototyes with differnt sizes, shapes, barrings, magnetic latching points and light-guides

Prototyping Hapticals

30 second read
Touchscreens all feel the same.

Touchscreens are becoming a dominant method for input.
But they all feel the same.

*Pictures under glass* lack the possibility to create a distinctive visceral User Experience and do not allow the user to build up embodied cognition.

The Addition of Hapticals (= physical input devices) creates value by enabling interactions on a touchscreen without direct view and adding a more tangible experience.

Hapticals are low-price and low-complex input devices, that make use of the sensor surface of capacitive touchscreens.
No extra wiring required.

Strong vibrations can add the feeling of latching points to Hapticals – with different articulations depinding on the function currently displayed. The Haptical offers the rich experience of mechanical intraction with the flexibility and (over the air) updatability of a purely digital interface.

Hybrid Interfaces in a Car Interior.
Based on my explorations, an exemplary cockpit interface for the Infotainment system of semi autonomous vehicles was developed with support of the BMW Group.

Full Concept

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