I design between digital & physical.

Digital Experience Designer at Ford Motor Company in Cologne.
Founder of MonkeyBots.io funded by DesignFarm, Berlin & the European Union.

Hybrid Interfaces

Touchscreens all feel the same

Touchscreens are becoming a dominant method for input.
But they all feel the same.

Pictures under glass lack the possibility to create a distinctive User Experience and do not allow for any embodied cognition.

Adding a Haptical

addition of  Hapticals (= physical input devices)  creates value by enabling interaction without direct view and a tangible experience.
Hapticals are low-price and low-complex input devices, that make use of the sensor surface of capacitive touchscreens.

Strong vibrations can add the feeling of latching points to Hapticals.

Hybrid Interfaces in a Car Interior

Based on my explorations, an exemplary cockpit interface for the Infotainment system of semi autonomous vehicles was developed.

Spring 2019

Four month Bachelor Thesis
Weissensee School of Art and Design, Berlin

Prof. Carola Zwick
Prof. Jörg Petruschat

Self-chosen BA Thesis
Supported by BMW Group
Supervision Sandra Rolle

Direct Manipulation at your Fingertips

The great breakthrough of GUI Design was direct interactions,
on touchscreens they became even more intuitive.

High Flexibility of Content

Touchscreens are a flexible input surface layered on top a display surface,
this allows for maximum flexibility of displayed the content and input areas.

Better Brand Identity

Touchscreens may display differently branded content, but still feel the same physically. Premium products may use Hybrid Interfaces to design visceral and emotional Interactions.

Better Tracking than any Touch Screen

The physical Haptical lets the user give precise linear input,
a feat where Touchscreens are often unsatisfactory.

No Vision needed

Unlike regular Touchscreens, which are useless unless looked at,
Hapticals anchor the users hand an allow for blind interactions.

IoT MiniBots

IoT MiniBots is a platform of tiny home robotics that takes your important digital things out of your smartphone and brings them into the real world.

make data move

Interlaced Networks

The Architecture of Systems is as important as their Interface.
A Project about Network Topologies resulting in a new Social Media App.

why system architecture matters

Skill: User Research

Industrial Design Project about Gas Masks for Dräger Safety,
turned into a User Research & Testing Deep Dive.

see what I have learned

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